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24 בפברואר 2024
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Livni undermines the state

 Better the dead than the living (according to Litzman); Topaz shows his stuff

Livni: Unfit to lead the opposition

Livni’s lust for power is driving her crazy. Last round, Netanyahu ended up a shorn chicken in the opposition. When comparing the situations with the benefit of a few years of retrospect, though, we can’t help but realize the huge ethical gulfs between the two. Bibi showed responsibility when he backed up the government during national crises. In particular, we remember his support of Olmert’s government during the Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead. But Livni is not Netanyahu – she sees majesty and rulership on the horizon. Problem is, Livni is neither majestic nor a competent ruler, and this is the reason she keeps trying to thwart Netanyahu’s dealings with the Americans. Words are one thing, but in reality Livni is executing a covert scheme to put American pressure on Israel. The Likud is used to these tactics – they’re the same methods the Left has always used to bring down right-wing governments. However, Livni’s actions do prove one thing – she is an agent of the Left, and the centrist image she keeps trying to project is nothing more than a sham.

Litzman worries about the dead; who cares about the living?

This week, MK Chaim Katz’s health committee held a discussion about the fortified building that should soon house the Barzilai Hospital in Ashdod. After years, officials have succeeded in getting the funds and documentation necessary to erect a new, reinforced structure for the hospital which has routinely faced rocket attacks from Gaza.

What is stopping the construction? Graves. Graves which are obviously from the Byzantine period and in which Jews were never buried. Even the Rabbinate has realized that a solution is in order, and recently agreed to move the graves to a different location. Even Rabbinate approval wasn’t enough for Deputy Minister Rabbi Litzman, though, and he found another way to stop the building. The reinforced structure will now be built far away from the other buildings, in an area which is now a parking lot. Obviously, this is a poorly-disguised scheme to bury the project once and for all, and MK Tzion Finian said that if the hospital isn’t built as originally planned, the dead will rise out of the graves before the construction finally starts.

The Topaz debacle: Who gets the last laugh?

This week, Dudu Topaz admitted that he had hired goons to attack popular media figures because his own popularity had declined. Not surprisingly, commentators immediately brought up the phenomenon of the elitist from Ramat Aviv who in 1981 called Likud supporters “Tzaktzakim” (a derogatory term for Mizrachi Jews, whom Topaz perceived as contributing nothing to the state).

Since the first Likud victory in 1977, we have been witnesses to mass media persecution of Likud members whose only crime was that they desired a change from the pretentious rule of the Left. Apparently, Topaz is a member of that small group of people who believe that they are the state. True, Topaz had his glory days. A nation watched his rise to stardom on channel 1 and later channel 2, and then his crash and burn on channel 10. Throughout, the media treated Topaz like a king – just like they always treat a member of their own. Conveniently, they ignored allegations that Topaz had molested female employees and even minors – for Topaz, anything.

Now, we realize how wrong everyone was to embrace Topaz. A just media would not have received with open arms a man who had shown unabashed racism, and Topaz should have been spit out long ago. Instead, the media have been forced to eat their own words as the revelations about Topaz’s true character have flown nonstop.

The man who called Likudniks “worthless” in 1981 has been revealed as the number one worthless character of 2009.

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