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16 במאי 2021
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Likud Minister Split in Cabinet Vote on Bill to Give Knesset over Extending the Freeze

The Likud Ministers of the government were split in voting for Cabinet support for legislation which would give the Knesset veto power over extending the freeze on Jewish constitution in Judea and Samaria.

Two ministers, Gilead Ardan and Yuli Edelstein, voted for the bill, while three, voted against it. The latter three were Dan

Meridor, Gideon Sa’ar and Benny Begin.

In their statements at least, even those who voted against the measure oppose a continuation of the freeze. Gideon Sa’ar

has stated that “a continuation of the freeze is not possible or right.” Begin has stated that “there is no chance that Netanyahu will extend the freeze . . . even for a period of three months.” Even Meridor reportedly favors at least a partial lifting of the freeze.

The Freeze is set to end September 26, 2010. Its ostensible aim ostensibly to bring the Palestinian Authority to direct

negotiations with Israel. Its apparent aim was to appease U.S. President Barack Obama who views settlements as the main obstacles to peace and has called them “illegitimate” on several occasions.

In both aims the Freeze appears to be of little use as the PA has refused to negotiate directly with Israel, demanding an

even more comprehensive freeze and tensions between the U.S. and Israel grew significantly since announcing the freeze.


Many expect Obama to demand that Netanyahu extend the Freeze.
MK Carmiel Shama, the sponsor of the bill, said after the vote that “the government will yet yearn for this proposed law,” adding, “it’s beyond my comprehension to understand the logic of its opponents.”


Daniel Tauber contributed to this article.


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