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Reaction to Goldstone

Hello Justice Goldstone and the UN Human Rights Council, where have you been these past nine years? The Goldstone Commission accuses Israel of war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead – the January 2009 response to years of rocket attacks against Israeli communities by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

 I can only comment on one fact that must have slipped the mind and pen of Justice Richard Goldstone, and that is the costly necessity in Israeli cities, towns and kibbutzim nearby Gaza to fortify kindergartens, schools, bus stops, senior centers and hospitals. The years-long onslaught of deadly rocket attacks, first, short-range Kassam, and more recently, longer-range Grad missiles has taken it's toll on children, adults and the elderly. Emotional health problems are commonplace in areas that are targeted. But the striking point is that essential basic services expected by any modern society are compromised or even neglected as a direct result of the attacks. Concrete rooms must accompany any building structure in Sderot. New kindergartens in Ashkelon and Be'er Sheva must be made of reinforced concrete and steel – adding a third more to the cost of construction. Barzilai Hospital serves thousands of people – Jews and Arabs – from it's Ashkelon campus – and yet needed facilities and equipment must be deferred so that public passageways can be strengthened against rocket attack. On a recent visit there, I saw how children and parents were cramped together in a pediatric ward that looked more like a Soviet-era institution – the need for expansion and modernization held hostage while funds go to building more bomb shelters and bunker-like passageways.

I have a unique perspective of the situation as Israel Director of Operation Lifeshield – a non-profit, grassroots organization that builds and deploys transportable protective shelters for vulnerable and victimized Israel communities. We receive donations from people around the world who care deeply for Israel. Operation Lifeshield is supported by Jews and Christians, groups and individuals, all who want to help in the most concrete and tangible way – saving lives, while continuing living life.

I have a message and a question for Justice Goldstone and the UN Human Rights Council: the issue of war crimes is real and started when Palestinian terrorists fired rockets at Israeli civilians several years ago. So, where were you then? Fortunately, I can answer on behalf of the good people who have helped bring safety and shelter to the Israeli people. They have been with us all along.

Shmuel Bowman | Israel Director | Operation Lifeshield


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