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MK Hotovely Sponsors a Bill Setting a Core Curriculum and Banning the funding of Anti-Zionist Educational Institutions

MK Tzippi Hotevely (Likud) has sponsored a new bill which would require a core curriculum and ban funding of anti-Zionist educational institutions.

The obligatory fields of study set in the bill are Tanach, the heritage of Israel, citizenship, Hebrew, Mathematics, sciences, and English. Arab schools would teach Arab heritage, history and traditions.
The bill would further bars the Ministry of Education may not grant funding to institutions which would not teach these central studies. According to the bill, these core studies would have to make 75% of the curriculum.
Similarly, the Minister of Education would be authorized to set the minimum hours for each of the core studies for the requirements of the law.
In addition, the bill establishes that the Ministry of Education will establish comprehensive and effective supervision regarding the establishment of the core curriculum. The Minister of Education would establish in regulations that the educational institutions that establish the core studies would be obligated to participate in nation-wide final exams in every subject of study. A recognized but unofficial educational institution would be financed according to the extent of its adherence to core requirements.
 “This proposed law expresses a consensus of the majority with Zionism and the State of Israel.” Hotovely said. “The center of it is the infrastructure for the cohesiveness of Israeli society.  It cannot be that secular student doesn’t know recognize the Shmoneh Esreh prayer, just as it cannot be that a Haredi student doesn’t know the words of the national anthem. The bill is not anti-Haredi, rather a law that aims to treat the general ignorance in all sectors of the education system.”
According to Hotovely, “the law will reduce the gaps and holes in the Haredi public in the areas of citizenship, English and sciences and in the secular state schools it will fill in the gaps in the fields of Jewish heritage. Over many years, the education system has chosen to raise an eye to the abandonment of this field a matter which would has created an absurd reality of an anti-Zionist system sheltered by the state – principally in the Arab and Haredi sectors.”
MK Hotevely sponsored the bill with MKs Einat Wilf (Labor) and Meir Shetreet (Kadima).

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