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10 באפריל 2020

גאווה ישראלית : ביקורת הספרים של מרטין אינדיק על "בגין" של אבי שילון

הספר הנודע "בגין", שנכתב על ידי הסופר הצעיר אבי שילון ועורר עניין רב בצאתו, תורגם לאנגלית. מרטין אינדיק משבח. במיוחד לקוראינו האנגלו סקסיים אך בוודאי גם לקוראינו הצברים 


Avi Shilon, an Israeli journalist, has done an admirable job tracing the wellsprings of Begin’s complex personality from his early days as a youthful Beitar Commissioner in Poland, touched by Jabotinsky’s ideological zeal but determined to outflank him through advocating for greater militancy, to his rise to the leadership of the Irgun and its revolt against the British Mandate in Palestine, to his many years in the political wilderness as the leader of the right-wing political party Herut, and finally to his ascent to power as head of Likud. As Shilon admits in his conclusion, Begin’s passing from power 20 years ago marked the end of an era of ideological leadership that is unlikely to return to Israel and would be ill-suited to current times if it did.  So why bother with a voluminous biography of a former Zionist icon who ended his political life in self-imposed seclusion?


להמשך הביקורת לחצו כאן 



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