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28 ביוני 2022
ישראל והתפוצות ליכוד בתפוצות

Old antisemitic approaches, New methods

In the light of the recent antisemitic assaults against Jews worldwide, “Likudnik” examines the role of the State of Israel towards maintaining antisemitic expressions on the net, specifically social media platforms such as Facebook.

A week ago, the Knesset discussed the authority of the Aliya, Absorption and Diaspora Committee, to examine further actions that should be done more than just reporting and documenting antisemitic expressions on the net. Head of the committee, MK David Bitan expressed his concerns from the very worrying phenomena of taking advantage of the Corona crisis to abuse Jews and distribute blood libels. It was only a few weeks ago when the Jewish Community in Toronto had to handle an antisemitic hateful company called “Food Banders”: The story is about a woman that runs a café restaurant called “Food Banders” that had physical signs in the store, on the street and in the official pages on social media saying “Zionists are Nazis” and are not welcomed in the restaurant.

I can’t put a finger on what is worse – the fact that the restaurant freely held antisemitic messages on its FB page or the fact that they were never blocked. This is where the State of Israel should act to improve its’ means to fight this kind of antisemitism on social media.
With regards to the committees’ findings on antisemitic related expressions over social media, Chairman of the Zionist Organization – Yaakov Haguel, claimed that the attitude of social media management is barely enough to handle such an extensive phenomenon. For instance, It was only in the past two months where 200,000 antisemitic expressions were monitored in Tweeter. What about blocking them?

It is more than expected that the only Jewish state in the world should hold crucial actions to fight this very terrifying trend. It is the start-up nation’s role to not only monitor and analyze the origins of such hateful messages on the web but also to enforce that the social platforms are safe for Jews.

Many thanks to Lauren Issacs from “Herut-Canada” for sharing the Foodbenders case with me. Picture by Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

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