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In Summary: HaNegbi Found Guilty of Perjury, Acquitted of Other Charges

About Tzahi Hanegbi

MK Tzachi HaNegbi (Kadima) was found guilty of perjury Tuesday and could face up to seven years in prison.
A Jerusalem Magistrate Court held in a 2-1 decision that HaNegbi perjured himself in his testimony regarding 69 political appointments of Likud Central Committee Members he made from March 2001-February 2003.

He was acquitted of several other charges including fraud, breach of trust, election bribery and attempt to illegally

influence voters.
The Court did not explicitly find Hangebi guilty of “moral turpitude,” which would require his resignation from the Knesset


Hanegbi is the Chairman of the important Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Before leaving the Likud to

 Kadima, HaNegbi was an important member of Likud and voted against the Disengagement. He is also the son of former MK Geula Cohen who belonged to Likud, Herut, and was a founder of Techiya. Prior to the founding of the State she was a member of the Irgun and then LEHI.

After then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon left the Likud to form Kadima, HaNegbi was even temporarily appointed Chairman

 of the party. At the time he said “there are roots that can’t be uprooted.”

Two weeks later HaNegbi left the party, on the same day the police recommended indicting him for illicit appointments. HaNegbi told reporters “”Sometimes ideological matters are diminished, it’s a personal move.”

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